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Our firm practices many areas of law including Estate Planning and Probate Administration, Elder Law, Real Estate, and Business and Commercial law.

Real Estate

We represent our clients in all proceedings and transactions involving property, including purchases, sales, commercial construction, mortgages, leases, zoning, title examinations, closings, and management.

As a comprehensive part of estate planning, as well as elder law, we are well versed in all aspects of real estate possibilities and opportunities.

Estate Planning

We handle the preparation of all estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, health care proxies, and powers of attorney. The process of estate planning is much more than the simple preparation of documents. It includes determining each client's goals and desires, and developing a plan of action, which includes the protection of assets during their life time, and for decision making in the event they become disabled or injured.

We also deal with the distribution of an individual's property at his or her death, taking into account wills, taxes, and trusts to carry out each individual client's wishes.

Elder Law

A field of law which focuses on estate planning for the older or incapacitated clients, this field includes dealing with Medicaid, Medicare, nursing home issues and asset protection.

It is extremely important to work with an attorney that has spent time focusing on this area of the law since issues are complex regarding Medicaid eligibility, long term illnesses and long term care issues.

Business and Commercial Law

We provide all services including the formation of corporations with the Secretary of State, choice of business entity, i.e., C-Corp. vs. S-Corp. vs. LLC or partnership, preparation of all documents, government filings, and business agreements. We advise our clients on the annual documentation and filings necessary to run the various business entities on a going forward basis.

Probate and Estate Administration

We are experienced in the court proceeding commonly known as “probate”.  Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and assets distributed upon his or her death. Individual state laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceased’s estate. The allowing of a will and the administration of an estate includes the collection of assets, liquidation of liabilities, handling of tax matters and the distribution of the estate to heirs or trusts as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

State laws and procedures vary greatly, so, it is important to consult a firm with expertise in this area of the law to ensure that the assets are distributed correctly.


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Mr. Leland's son, Roger B. Leland, became President of Leland Insurance Agency in 1957, and established his law practice in Northborough at the same location.

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